Residential Waste Services

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Commercial Waste & Recycling Services

At Island Disposal, we understand the unique waste management needs of businesses in Islamorada. Our comprehensive suite of commercial services is designed to offer efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable waste solutions tailored to your business requirements. From regular garbage collection to specialized recycling programs and bulk waste management, our goal is to support your business operations with seamless and sustainable waste services. Explore our offerings to find the perfect fit for your business's waste management needs.

Reliable Garbage Collection for Your Business

Island Disposal provides consistent and reliable garbage collection services to meet the diverse needs of Islamorada’s businesses. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and professional environment, offering customizable collection schedules to suit your business operations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

One Island Disposal Company roll-off dumpster placed in pea rock at a commercial location.

Did you know?

Plastic bags and polystyrene products remain in the environment for 500 to 1,000 years. You can make a difference by avoiding these products!

Plastic and other trash underwater.

Sustainable Recycling for a Greener Business

Join us in our commitment to environmental sustainability with our commercial recycling programs. We assist businesses in implementing effective recycling strategies that not only comply with local regulations but also promote a green image for your company. Our team is equipped to handle a variety of recyclable materials, making recycling easy and impactful for your business

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Bulk Waste Management

Large-scale waste requires specialized handling, and that’s where our bulk waste management services come in. Ideal for businesses with high-volume waste needs, we provide solutions for the collection and disposal of bulk items, ensuring your operations continue smoothly without the hassle of waste accumulation.

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Dumpster bin filled with white rock and construction debris.

Reliable Construction Waste Solutions

For construction and renovation projects, managing waste effectively is crucial. Our construction waste services are designed to handle the unique demands of the construction sector, providing timely and efficient waste removal to keep your project on track and your site safe and clean.

Hazardous Collection

Commercial customers must contact Island Disposal to arrange for the disposal of hazardous materials; commercial waste may not be dropped off at the residential collection site.

used motor oil, antifreeze

hydraulic fluids, paints, stains, strippers, wood preservatives

roof and tar patching compounds

adhesives, putty, caulk, fiberglass, and epoxy resins

acetone, mineral spirits

muriatic acid, lye

pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killer

household and drain cleaners

pool cleaning products

tires off the rim that do not exceed a light-duty SUV

batteries of all sizes

electronic and florescent lighting waste

E-Waste Disposal (Computer & Electronic Waste)

Contact Island Disposal to schedule a pick-up of televisions, electronic entertainment devices, computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, and mobile phones. Service is year-round. Pickups will be made within five working days.


Find answers to common questions about our commercial waste services.

How can I set up commercial garbage collection for my business?

Setting up service is straightforward. Contact us, and we'll work with you to create a collection schedule that aligns with your business needs.

Do you offer recycling services for businesses?

Yes, we offer comprehensive recycling services for businesses, helping you manage recyclable materials efficiently and sustainably.

Can you handle waste services for special events?

Absolutely. We provide specialized waste services for all types of events, ensuring a clean and well-managed venue.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out! We're here to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your waste services needs.

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